Printmaker and Illustrator, based in Portsmouth, England.

My work is focused on fauna, flora, natural habitats and the environment.

This website contains my portfolio of work, along with blogs posts containing insight into my practice, plus resources for other printmakers and artists.

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I was born and raised in Liverpool. I grew up with a fondness for animals, climbing trees and exploring marshland. I always thought I would be a vet. As I progressed into college, I realised I was more skilled in art and design.


I studied Illustration (BA Hons) at the University of Portsmouth, graduating in 2011. I have worked in various professions, including: screen printing, fashion design, graphic design plus marketing and communications. In my spare time, I pursue my printmaking passion; my preferred method is lino printing.

lino printing

Lino printing is a form of relief printing. The process involves carving a linoleum block which is inked up with a roller, and printed onto paper. Images can be made up of several blocks or layers to create an endless edition, or the artist can reduce the same block making a limited edition. Everything listed on this site has undergone a long process of sketching, referencing, refining, carving, inking, burnishing and finalising – all by hand.

tools and equipment

Within my work, I try to be as eco-friendly as possible. I work with ethically-sourced or recyclable materials wherever I can. I use safe-wash inks, my business cards are made from off-cuts of paper and I use biodegradable packaging for posting. 



I’m available for freelance work or commission. My work is also available to purchase through my Etsy shop here.

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