Since graduating in 2011, I have tried to work on my portfolio in printmaking, with a particular focus on lino print. Due to student debt, I’ve also had to balance my life with working full-time, leaving little time to pursue my printing. Earning my crust has always come first – until now.

After an eventful year and lots of self-reflection, I’ve decided it’s time to pursue my printmaking.

To give myself a little push, I’ve bought myself an Interrail ticket and hatched a little project which I’m calling PRINT X POST – a printmaking tour of Europe.

The Print Tour

I’m all booked up and set to depart on July 28th 2018. I’ll be travelling solo by train across 7 countries over 20 days.

Countries I will visit are Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Greece. I’ve picked these countries after researching extensively for a route rich in printmaking opportunities and history.

I want to meet as many printmakers as possible on my journey. I want to chat, share, create and enjoy the company of other creatives. I’m just starting out in printmaking, and I believe I have a lot to learn from others! Where I can’t find creatives to meet, I will be visiting museums and galleries to find inspiration, or soaking up culture in parks and cafes.

Along my way, I want to create prints and experiment with my work. At the end of my trip, I hope to have a body of work to learn from and be inspired to keep creating. I will also be working part-time on my return, enabling me to focus more time on my creative venture.

However, to ensure I create throughout this trip, I need to make accountability for myself – which is where PRINT X POST comes into play, and hopefully you!

PRINT X POST – The Print Draw

Each day I aim to produce a lino print (postcard size) with 11 editions. The prints will be inspired by my journey and take shape from sketches and observations from my day.

To make accountability, I want to post the editions each day to ten lucky people chosen at random from a draw (saving one for myself). If I know someone is waiting for a print, I don’t want to leave them empty handed!

For the chance to receive a hand-printed postcard, click the link below to provide your address details:


PRINT X POST – The Print Book

At the end of my journey, I plan to collate together all prints, sketches and photos, and self-publish an art book or zine. It will tell the story of my creative journey and personal development, and hopefully be full of interesting illustrations!

PRINT X POST – The Last Print

On my return, I will create one final print inspired from my journey. This print will be much larger and complex, with an edition of 20.

How can you help?

Thank you for considering supporting my journey, it really means a lot!

All of my trip is booked up, but my only financial concern was the cost of posting out over 200 postcards. So I set up a Crowdfunder to ask for help in supporting this, and I’ve hit my target of £250!

Now that I have funding for posting out 200 postcards, I’ve opened up The Print Draw for FREE! Click the link below to enter your address details through my Google Form!


You can still donate to my Crowdfunding page to help towards my stretch target, which will cover the production of my additional rewards and purchasing some equipment on return from my trip.

To help raise these additional funds, you can still purchase additional rewards:

  • £5 donation provides entry into the Print Draw each day and a copy of the Print Book
  • £30 donation provides entry into the Print Draw each day, a copy of the Print Book, plus an original edition of the Last Print


How else can you support this project?

Any help is appreciated! You can help this project in any number of ways, such as:

  • Share this project with family, friends and other creatives
  • Follow my journey on social media and let me know what you think of my work along the way! (links below)
  • If I’m visiting your area and you’re a printmaker who would like to meet up, let me know!
  • I’m also looking for places to crash. If you are a Couchsurfer and willing to host me, get in touch!

Where can you see my work?

If you’re going to support this project, I’m sure you want to see examples of what you might receive in the post! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had little time to print up until now. But you can see some examples of my work and style on my Instagram page.

My work is focused on fauna, flora, natural habitats and the environment. As I venture on my journey, I’m sure there will be developments and changes in my style, especially as I try to experiment.


Thanks for reading this information and considering to support my journey. I really appreciate the time and any help you can offer. If you have any questions, please get in touch!


The Print Draw:



Instagram: frankie_brown_illustration

Facebook: Frankie Brown Illustration


By providing your details through my Crowdfunder, you are agreeing that I may contact you by post or email. I will keep your data safe and will never share it or sell it to any other persons or party – apart from writing it on the back of the postcard of course!

Prints from the draw will not be protected in the post, and will be mailed out as simple postcards. This means they may get a little battered or have additional markings on them – this will make it all the more fun!

Once I’ve raised my target and have enough to cover the postage, I will open up the Print Draw mailing list to all through a Google Form.

I won’t know the composition of The Last Print until the end of my journey. If you purchase this reward but do not like this print, you may wait and select another of my prints as an alternative. You can wait up to a year from initial purchase.

I’m not a charity and I don’t claim to be. This is for a bit of creative fun, for myself and for other creators or art collectors. I know there are more worthwhile causes out there, so please support those first!