Artist Self Portrait

About the Artist

Handmade linocut art prints and illustration. Inspired by storybooks, fairy tales and folklore; focused on wildlife and nature.

Hello! My name is Rachel, an illustrator and printmaker. I work from my home studio under the alias ‘Frankie Brown’. I’m based in Portsmouth, situated between the coast and countryside of Hampshire, UK.

I’m a visual storyteller. I share moments observed, and reimagined with a little extra charm and magic. I enjoy interpreting stories I’ve heard from friends or read in published books. I’m inspired by folktales, ghost stories and traditional fairy tales. Stories from other cultures and countries also spark my curiosity, along with historical legends and myths. I love to get out into nature, with flora and fauna featuring often in my work.

I believe art should be affordable and accessible to all. Printmaking enables me to create handmade multiples of the same artwork, but each one unique and sometimes limited in number. It makes my work affordable for people seeking original artwork for their home, and also provides greater value than a digital print.

I work mostly with a relief printmaking method called linocut, using a variety of techniques. It involves using sharp tools to cut an image into a piece of linoleum. The surface is then inked up, and the image is transferred onto paper by using a printing press. This is a very simple explanation for what can sometimes be a very long process – but one that I find very therapeutic and almost meditative.

I’m always reviewing my processes to ensure my practice is environmentally sound. I use inks that don’t require harsh chemicals to clean up, my papers are acid free, I reuse or recycle prints that are not fit for sale, and I use 100% recyclable materials for my packaging.

I’m an Illustration BA (Hons) alumna from the University of Portsmouth. I have over ten years professional experience in illustration, marketing, graphic design and surface design.

And why Frankie Brown? My middle name is Frances - which I wish was my first name! Brown is also my favourite colour, and much easier to spell than my true surname!

I’m available for commissions, licensing and collaboration. Just get in touch!