Handmade Linocut Print - 'Nailing Owls to the Walls of our Farms' - Limited Edition of 16

'Nailing Owls to the Walls of our Farms' illustrates the tradition of Breton farmers. They would nail owls to their barns in hopes it would ward off evil and protect against storms. The owl is surrounded by other lucky charms, as if his sacrifice alone is not enough.

Method: Handmade with love in the artist’s home studio, this linocut has been created using the reduction technique. The design is drawn onto a linoleum block, carved, inked with colour and transferred onto paper using a printing press; all entirely by hand. This is an original handmade piece of artwork and not a digital reproduction.

Edition: This artwork has been produced in a limited edition and no more will be created beyond the marked edition number of 16.

Materials: ‘Nailing Owls to the Walls of our Farms’ is printed using artist quality oil-based ink, made from linseed oil using lightfast pigments and without solvents. The paper is unbleached, light-weight and acid free archival paper. Using artist grade materials ensures longevity of the artwork.

Shipping: All items are securely packaged flat using recyclable or compostable materials; and entirely plastic free. Read our full delivery terms here.

Please Note: Each print has been created by hand so there may be small variations from print-to-print. Colours and details may vary slightly. This artwork is provided unframed. All copyright is retained by the artist.