Copyright Notice

All images on this website are copyrighted by the artist Frankie Brown, an alias used by Rachel Sergison, who retains all ownership of the artwork.

By purchasing any items, this does not give you license or copyright to the artwork.

The following actions (but not limited to) are considered copyright infringement, in both physical and digital formats:

  • Downloading, using, reproducing or distributing any of the images found on this website
  • Reproducing any purchased artwork in any format
  • Reproducing any purchased artwork commercially for financial gain
  • Taking credit for the creation of the artwork
  • Removing or altering any signature
  • Altering any artwork, including the edition number or artwork title

Using my artwork without my permission will result in legal action.


I am open to offering licensing agreements for my artwork. If you are working on behalf of a private company or agency, and are interested in licensing some of my designs to use within your own product lines, please get in touch by emailing