Linocut Techniques Explained

To help supplement the description of my art prints, and also educate new linocut artists, here’s some detailed information on the different linocut techniques I often use. Hopefully this is written in a way that’s easy to visualise and understand, and I’ve linked to some examples. You can also find a host of video demonstrations on my Instagram and Facebook pages. If you are completely new to linocut, I’d recommend reading my more general summary of [how linocuts are made](Resource Post: What is Linocut?

What is Linocut?

When introducing my art to friends, family and potential buyers, I’m often asked to explain how it was made - which then leads to even more questions! In some exchanges, I’m also asked if it’s a digital print and can I provide it at a larger size - which is just not possible within the limitations of the medium. So I wanted to highlight and explain how linocuts are made, in order to provide a better understanding for anyone purchasing a linocut, either from me or from any other artist.